Because he invented the technique to reuse old bricks for new buildings.
Because she wrote her poetic diary from when she was age 11 in 1914 until her death.
Because he is working to create an multi-planetary culture while making electrical cars on Earth
Because he suggest more 'do tanks' instead of 'think tanks'
Because she makes films with heart; not brains - and maybe the most inspiring, border-seeking Danish director we know.
Because she is on an art mission from nature.
Because he probably is the smartest man we can think of.
Because he showed us the mathematical equations that help us understand how nature design itself.
Because he believed in what he called ‘Truth Facts’ and let other people see them through simple, revealing actions.
Because she makes it easy to understand the most complex of natural phenomena.
Because he shows nature and its beauty in the simplest of ways.
Because he found out that he could change the world by mixing art and technology and went for it.
Because she focuses her creative mind to see the magic in everyday things, making the day matter more to many.
Because he, unlike many of his peers, is open to use his influence to re-arrange how economy works.
Because he made the ‘Whole Earth Catalogue’ in the late 1960ies and early 70ies.
Because he uses simple and poetic means to show you the last phases in a social group desolving.
Not because of his irony, but because he wants to tell important stories in new ways.
Because he stubbornly proclaimed that light could be both particles and waves.
Because he, after many scientific breakthroughs and insights, said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Because he blends philosophy, existentialism and evolution with popular culture.
Because he continues to produce what he believes is true.
Because he made buildings that visually paid homage to our roots in the sublime and chaordic nature.
Because he wrote about visions in a language everyone could understand.
Because he wrote the book “the Birth of the Chaordic Age”.
Because he was one of the first CEOs of an industrial company who set the direction to become a complete sustainable for
Because they made great design, great exhibitions, great movies and great children (we’ve spoken with one of them;)).