Working with Gehl Architects to solve one of most wicked problems of our time: how to measure impact?
These 33 languages are talked across 1924 households in a Copenhagen suburb. How do they sort their waste?
We are turning the film that we made together with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art into Cinemascope.
With Gehl Architects, Krydsrum, SE, Niras, Thomas Harttung, Jørgen Rosted, Søren Hermansen and Kristian B. Holm.
We have just sent in the last of 3 qualitative evaluations to Vestforbrænding about a waste sorting pilot project.

Working with Kalundborg Kommune we have developed an interactive and animated PowerPoint presentation.
The education will learn Danish companies how to communicate with each other when building industrial symbioses.
The film is exhibited at the Danish Archi-tecture Center until June. Theme: Copenhageners are taking back their harbour.
We have helped Göteborg Älvstad together with Henning Larsen and SLA to master plan the new 1.000.000 m2 harbour city.
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gehl Architects
Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs
User research + Analysis & Synthesis + Imagineering
Dansk Energi
User research + Imagineering
Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs
User research + Analysis & Synthesis + Imagineering + Pilot test
Verdens Skove, Social Action
User research + Imagineering + Pilot test
Imagineering + Pilot test
Green Carbon/Thomas Harttung
User research + Imagineering