Preserving rainforest with Danish mobile phones with 2007 app

Pilot testing


Nature preservation
Nepenthes/Verdens Skove & Social Action


We made a tool that made it possible to use your mobile phone to preserve small parts of the rainforest in Ecuador. It was pressumably the first mobile app in Denmark.


Before the time of the smart phone, we made it possible for people to send text messages that automatically spent 25 kroner on your phone bill to preserve 25 m2 of rainforest.


The administration in Ecuador was made possible through Nepenthes (now, Verdens Skove).


The reason for the tool: forest preservation is the low-hanging fruit to save carbon in the atmosphere.


After having talked with Muhammad Yunus from a phone line in Bangladesh back in 2004, it became clear to us that mixing micro loans and mobile phones with meaningful investments could make a profound impact.


In it’s hayday, Min Regnskov preserved 300 m2 of rainforest a day.


Caused by to much administration, Nepenthes shut the service down. They have now created their own service. Also, the energy provider Natur Energi has created the service Elskov (after having consulted with Social Action), directly inspired by Min Regnskov. Elskov is alive and well and is continually preserving rainforests to this day.