What can this plaza in front of DR be used for?



How can you involve a workplace of 3,000 people in the process of remaking their outdoor activities, making them more open and inviting to the public?


That was the challenge put to Social Action by world-famous architects, Gehl Architects, who had been commissioned to facilitate DR through the complex process of reinvigorate the plaza in front of the cold-looking TV and radio broadcasting building.


Since time was an issue (not so much for DR as for the municipality who wants to sell the neighbouring lot to Nordea bank, we quickly made a strategy to involve the DR personel to make them share their hopes and dreams for the outdoor plaza.


The plan was, not surprisingly to people who know Social Action’s methods, to THINK BIG and START SMALL.


We started big by asking the open question: What should the place be USED for – thus focusing on the intended behaviour.

The DR personel should pick images collected by Social Action that represented the types of behaviour they would like to see in the plaza.


This was just one example of a range of workshop methods conducted by Social Action that – in the end – created a strong, verbal and visual guideline for Gehl Architects to outline the parametres and directions for a new and open plaza for the public. The plaza will most likely be made by SLA (Stig L. Andersson Architects).

User research, Imagineering