Turning commercial crop farmers into commercial nature farmers

User research



Thomas Harttung/Green Carbon


With the EU CO2 market, can farmers make profit by turning farm land back into wetlands and forests?


Client Thomas Harttung had the plan to agriculture of food into an agriculture of nature. With the CO2 price in the EU, could farmers make money by planting trees and turning farm land back into their original state as wetlands and marshes?


It was up to Social Action to find out how farmers would react to this concept.
We went out to 8 farmers in Southern Jutland and presented the concept. Not surprisingly, if there were money to be found, they told us, they were in.


As the project grew, Harrtung needed to visualise the idea to investors.
Social Action made a concept video (that you can see here) that was shown to investors.


The investors were pleased. They wanted to grant funding to the project. But the legal rights arrangement were unresolved – and the CO2 price in the EU plummeted, so the project, unfortunately, never took off. At least, not yet.