Winning competition to remake Søndermarken in Vejle

User research


Architecture competition
1st prize


How can the unwelcoming province in Denmark become a vitalised place with a sustainable future? That was the question we created a solution for together with Transform, SLA and Grontmij.


Social Action went to Søndermarken to talk and understand the people, the culture and the possibilities from a local point of view. The insights were then translated into architectural ideas and concepts.


Among other things, we are planning to shut down one lane in the 4 lane street that cuts the area of Søndermarken in half. The conquered lane will be used for flea markets, play, outdoor exhibitions and life instead of traffic.


Also, we are planning to turn parts the million-old valleys into hot springs with local help from Centrum Pæle with expertise in thermal heating.


The municipality and Realdania agree with our ideas and have giving us the 1st prize. The plan is now under development.


See the team presentation video (made by Social Action) here.