Mapping waste behaviour to make 2G ethanol


User research



Biogasol & Bornholms Affaldshåndtering


To make ethanol out of waste, we have to understand how the organic waste can be collected. How do we get people, companies, farmers and organisations to allocate their waste for ethanol production?


A 2nd generation ethanol plant was going to be built on Bornholm by Biogasol. As part of enhaging the whole community in waste allocation, Social Action conducted over 30 interviews with relevant organic waste producers, such as restaurants, hospitals, farmers, schools and the airport.


We made a complete mapping of actors’ motivations to input their waste into the system.
Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted to participate.


However, every group had different reasons to participate. These reasons had to be met by Biogasol in startegic ways in order to get access to the material.


Please contact Social Action to know more about our developed insights.