Communicating one of the most awesome projects in the world

April 09, 2011


We have just won a competition to make the new graphic identity and website for the Kalundborg Symbiosis.


“The Kalundborg Symbiosis”, you might think, “What on earth is that??!”.


Well, if you are not from Denmark, chances are higher that you would know the symbiosis. Fact is, that the sustainable wonder construction of the Kalundborg Symbiosis is world known – except in Denmark.


Shortly put, it’s an industrial ecosystem where 8 industrial companies such as Novozymes, Statoil and DONG Energy, located around the city of Kalundborg in Denmark, are sharing waste.


One company has waste heat. This is sent – via tubes under the surface of Kalundborg – to another company. This company might have waste water. This is then sent to another company. And so on and so forth.


Our job is to communicate the wonder.
First by making two brand new logos:
one for the industrial symbiosis collaboration and one for the new Symbiosis Centre.


Furthermore, we will make the website for the two institutions. Wicked.


We are superexcited.
Also because we have teamed up with Josefine Campbell to make the project.


From the design site, we are lucky to work together with Jeppe Morgenstjerne who will join the team over the next few months. He is also helping us on another project we are doing together with Bruce Mau.


The two sites are up in the summer of 2011.