Saying “Yes, thank you” to be part of X-Faktor.

September 26, 2010


Social Action has been selected as one of 8 Danish CSR consultant agencies to be part of X-Faktor.


No, it’s not the music competition – instead it’s an X-Faktor in corporate social innovation. That is, an X-Faktor in companies’ ability to improve the world. Wonderful.


Our role will be the same as the three judges in the ‘real’ X-Faktor. We think ourselves as Remee. Our job is to find talents; not singers, but companies who have the potential to create a CSR product (a product that solves an environmental and/or social challenge in society).


Then we help them to create the product concept. And the best concept wins 100,000 Danish kroner.


Cudos to The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency for making this happen. And for thinking of Social Action.