Social Action arranged a conference on Industrial Symbiosis

Social Action have in the last couple of months been working on Denmark’s biggest conference on the business principle industrial symbiosis.

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On November 5th Social Action and Symbiosis Centre held this big conference, where CEO’s and technical managers from the industry of Denmark, together with decision makers from the municipalities, met and discussed how we can secure the development in the use of industrial symbiosis’.


Briefly, an industrial symbiosis can be seen as “an ecosystem where the residual product of one enterprise is used as a resource by another enterprise, in a closed cycle. This is made possible through local collaboration, where public and private enterprises buy and sell residual products, resulting in mutual economic and environmental benefits,” as the Symbiosis Center explains it.


The results of these collaborations means mutual economic and environmental benefit, in the form of reduced costs on e.g. warming or profit as a result of new products.

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We are know working on a follow-up report from the conference, or ‘work-day’ as we prefer to call it.

Worth mentioning is that the serial entrepreneur Günter Pauli was one of the keynote speakers – he also goes as “the Steve Jobs of sustainability”.

Politiken wrote an article about this, because this was his first visit to Denmark.
Read the article (in Danish) here: