This week we made Iben Hjejle laugh

August 23, 2009


Can you copy the feeling you get when you sit in the cinema, watching a movie and become inspired?


That’s the experiment we want to test out when we perform the movie evening Make Us Dream at the Dansih Design Center on Saturday 29/8 at 20:00. sign up here.


During the event different movie clips from Hollywood movies, YouTube clips and TV shows, will be showed. We called up Iben Hjejle to ask her whether or not she wanted to respresent the culture / actor scene during this event for climate and action. Her job would be to introduce each clip with a specially narrated text written by us. When she heard we were going to show clips from everything from Chaplin to The Muppet Show, she began to laugh and was eager to investigate if it fitted with her calendar. We waited in excitement. After 1 day her manager replied that she had to do a film shooting in Sweden that weekend, but we were welcome to contact her again for other such events.


Even without the actress, we hope the movie evening will stand out as a special evening. Time will tell. And maybe we’ll do another Social Action event with Iben Hjejle another time…