Travelling to pig farms in Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and Russia

November 04, 2011


To understand the impact of low-energy pig farm ventilation (yes, we know it sounds geeky), lets focus on Denmark, just as an example:


In Denmark, we have more pigs than people. The pigs are standing inside stables and these stables have to be eqiupped with ventilation for the pigs to live a decent life. The ventilation consumes a lot of energy, since they have to run 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In this very second theventilations run in the farms in Denmark – – and also in the rest of the world.


SKOV A/S has figured out a way to cut this energy need by developing smarter ventilation systems. In the coming months, they want Social Action to communicate the use of they products around the world.


The result will be a 6 minute film. We will let you know when it’s done – probably in early February.