Sustainability School

We are working to establish a school for anyone who want to help making a sustainable society.


It will be an informal school where experts, phd-students, professors, consultants, CEOs and professionals will speak about their experience in sustainability within various topics such as technology, behaviour, health, business, media and much more.


The school is made because the place for a normal person in Denmark to access novel experiences and  knowledge that can be used to expand the perspectives to change the world is not-existing.


Each seminar will take 30 minutes. After each seminar it will be possible to stay and learn Photoshop and InDesign. The purpose of the Adobe courses is to increase each participant’s toolbox to engage and communicate with his or her surroundings.


The sustainability school are free for students.

It costs 50 kr. for each seminar for anyone who can’t show a student card.


The school will happen in our tower. The address is Refshalevej 171A at Skabelonloftet.


See more about the location of the tower here:årnet/450064781696278?ref=hl