Facilitating Dublin City Council to liberate communities.

October 04, 2009


In the past week, Social Action was in Dublin to facilitate Dublin City Council in creating community engagement tools for the citizens in the Dublin surburb of Clongriffin.

The work is being conducted by the new design school, Design21C (C for Century) and led by Social Action Fellow, Vannesa Ahauctzin.

In the past 2 weeks the people at Design21C have gone out to meet and talk with the community in Clongriffin which inhabits around 4,000 people.

Much can be written about the work-in-progress to galvanise social engagement to the grey-looking surburb (the solutions will be read by late-November) but the most giving that SA got out of the visit was the 1,700 relevant ideas the 17 people at Design21C had found on the internet as part of the research.

Based on 2 research efforts:

1) the 1,700 ideas and
2) the ethnographic work that had been carried out in Clongriffin,

SA facilitated a workshop where the immense amount of knowledge was narrowed to concrete scenarios and action steps.


Found out more at Design21Cs website or contact us.