Launching website, new name and logo for Kalundborg Symbiosis

November 04, 2011


The Kalundborg Symbiosis is known in sustainability circles all over the world.

Social Action was, together with brand bureau Campbell & Co., asked by the symbiosis (Dong Energy, Novozymes, Novo Nordisk and others) to make the sustainability case more appealing and easy to understand; in our own words, more sexy.


We did so by creating a new logo for the commercial collective that includes members such as Statoil, Gyproc, the Kalundborg Municipality and others. The case can be read below where you also can find links to the websites, logos and films we have designed.

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Communication of The Kalundborg Symbiosis + Symbiose Center



Kalundborg Symbiosis is the world’s first and most advanced industrial symbiosis. An industrial symbiosis is a system where one company’s waste is another company’s raw material. The idea and experience of the Kalundborg Symbiosis is a world-class example of sustainability. The only problem is, that few now about it.


In 2011, Kalundborg Symbiosis was granted resources to start a Symbiosis Center, also located in Kalundborg. A new type of communication that shows the potential of industrial symbioses as well as knowldege about the new Symbiosis Center had to be created.



Social Action uncovered data about the 50-year old symbiosis, which included interviewing the old personel who no longer worked in the symbiosis; collecting old new paper articles and making visual research in how to communicate a complex concept as an industrial symbiosis.

During the process, it became clear that Social Action in collaboration with (Campbell & Co.) had to help Kalundborg Symbiosis and its newly founded Symbiosis Center to make services development more efficient in order to sell the idea of industrial symbioses to other regions and countries.



Social Action has developed and executed a brand strategy that – among other things – resulted in a new website, a new logo, a new animated film and a new graphic identity. The identity for both the Kalundborg Symbiosis and the Symbiosis Center have been developed as sister-brands as can be seen on the websites: and