We don’t create graphics and visuals for aesthetics. We do them for impact.


No doubt we love design. We love beautiful things. But we don’t do design because our passion is, say, ‘graphic design’, ‘websites’ or ‘information graphics’. We do all this because our passion is behavioural change. We make communication to change people, to make new habits and to improve the perspectives of the world we live in.


We call this ‘imagineering’.


The term was first coined in 1942 by Alcoa (the aluminium producer). Disney’s design and development team that builds theme parks, resorts and theme park rides, later adopted the term.


We think the skill can be used for more than building theme parks, resorts and theme park rides.


Normally, we use Imagineering to create aesthetic outputs, such as websites, posters, infographics, cartoons and other visual delights to validify and perceptualise certain projects, findings and concepts.


See above examples of what this method has resulted in.





Syd Energi (SE)


Kalundborg Symbiosis