User research

We believe that the 21st Century will have two main themes: sustainability and behavioural change.


All our methods and services are based on this belief. These include user research, behaviour change, imagineeering, pilot studies and evaluations.


Our basic method is talking and observing people, employees, clients, consumers. That is, qualitative research. We base this method in the ethnographic methodology.


We believe change within an organisation can leap-frog normal department hierachies by showing the real facts of the world out there; how respondents and relevant actors react to your challenge.


We often document our findings with video, making an evidence-based argument for you and your peers through inspiring and compelling means.


See examples of user research in action with clients such as Vestforbrænding, Biogasol and SE (Syd Energi).


Go through our images and diagrams above to see our approach to methods.

See how we conduct our analysis here.